The White House

White House

Hi, I am the White House. I have seen and heard a lot of stuff. I have been alive for 219 years. Here are some presidents who have lived in me.

Calvin Coolidge owned a pet raccoon. I t scratched up my floors. It really hurt when he scratched up my floors. It felt like I was getting cut by a knife.

Millard Fillmore did not invent the first bath tub. He actually bought a tin tub and put it in me. Every time he took a bath he dumped buckets of hot water in the tub.

William Howard weighed 332 pounds. He weighed more than a baby elephant. I thought he was going to break through my floors.

Those are a couple of presidents and people who lived in me. There were a lot more people and presidents who live in me. I only named 3 out of the 50 or 51 people who lived in the White House.