Welcome to HHMS!

Where You Will Have the Best Experience Ever!


This is where all the fun begins! Especially not having to be in lines!

Hickory Hills has a bunch of stuff to be excited about.

Like the related arts! We have choir, band, and orchestra! But either way you do have to take either computers, P.E. or art in some way.

Lockers of course is also another feature at HHMS. There is a top locker and a bottom locker. Unfortunately you do not get to pick which one you have.


Behavior is very important. Listening is one of them.

Pretend that you were in one of your classes and the teacher is giving instructions. And you see your friend next to you. You start talking as the instructions are given out. When the teacher says "that is the instructions." Were you listening? No not at all. That is why it is very important to listen.

Next is raising your hand. You don't want to be that person who is always blurting out answers and then the whole class gets mad at you. Or you could get in trouble for doing it.

The last one is important. Keep your hands and feet to yourself! You could get a referral, group referral, ISS, OSS, or get expelled. So do not put your hands on other people, even if you are just playing around.


There is a specific way how to hold your Chromebooks if it is out of the Chromebook cases.

Hold it to your chest with your arms wrapped around it.

Chromebook rules are also a thing. It has to be on 100% charge before school, don't get on your Chromebooks when the teacher is talking, and don't look up stuff that you are not supposed to!

Taking it home is really cool. You can do whatever you want. Play games, watch videos, and a whole bunch of other things! But again, don't look up things that you are not supposed to. Because administrators or your teachers can see what you look up and you could get in trouble.


Between classes is when you get your stuff, can talk to friends, and go to the bathroom. Of course you could ask to go to the bathroom when you get to class. Lunch is really cool because there is amazing food and a bunch of snacks! Last is before school. When you go into the school, you can set in the gym and either get on your Chromebook, get on your phone, or do some of your homework.
How to Open a Locker

Strike System!

Last is the trike System! This is a program where if you do things that you are not supposed to do, or forget things, then you get a strike. If you get 7 strikes, you get a call home, or you get an email home. But if you get 10 strikes, you wont be able to attend big activities.