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5 iOS Apps for the Elementary Classroom

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Here are 5 apps that could be used in the classroom on any Apple device. The Apps chosen are appropriate for elementary students.

A benefit to using iOS apps in the classroom and in mobile learning is that Apple offers a Volume Purchase Program (VPP). This allows schools to purchase many copies for a discounted or set rate and sometimes even free. This provides access for many or all students to a particular app.

App #1 - StudyCards

My Study Cards is an app that allows students to create and use electronic flashcards. Students and teachers can choose pre-existing flash cards from the flash card library or design their own deck. Students can create flash cards and collaborate using Excel, Numbers or GoogleDocs.

Price: $3.99

How can it be used in the classroom:

Working in small groups, students can prepare decks of study cards in preparation for a Science unit final. After the study cards have been created, decks can be swapped with other groups. This provides students the opportunity to review material while creating questions, and then self-test to determine where they may need to do more studying.

App #2 - i Tell a Story

i Tell a Story is an app that allows individuals to create their own audio book. This app features a complete audio recording and editing tool and can be used for many different uses within the classroom in multiple grades.

Price: $0.99 (or 50% off for an Educational Purchase - 20+ units)

How it can be used in the classroom:

Many schools are adopting "The Daily 5" Reading Approach created by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser into their daily literacy approach. One of the 5 tasks students could work on is "Listen to Reading" where students are expected to listen to reading while following along. The i Tell a Story app allows the teacher or other students to record stories that students can then listen independently while following along.

App #3 - Puppet Pals

Puppet Pals is an app that allows students to create their own digital characters, stories and settings. Once the story is created, they can turn it into a show by including animation and audio.

Price: Free

How it can be used:

Students have the opportunity to develop and refine storytelling skills and editing skills while developing a story in a digital medium. Moving beyond traditional pen and paper, students can write, edit and share their stories with the class. Teachers and students can also save the designed stories as evidence of learning and growth for parent-teacher-student conferences, or students can choose to showcase their stories as part of a digital portfolio.

App #4 - News-O-Matic

News-O-Matic is a child-friendly, add-free platform for introducing students to news. Each daily issue has 5 current news articles, a "this day in history" feature, an interactive timeline, among other games, quizzes, and activities. All material is written by professional children's writers and reviewed by child psychologists to ensure content is age-appropriate and emotionally safe for children to read. This site also includes educational assists such as audio support for difficult vocabulary and full stories read aloud.


School Edition - $9.99/year or is available through Apple's VPP

Individual Edition - Free with subscription offers: Yearly -$19.99, Monthly - $1.99, and Weekly - $0.99

How it can be used:

One of the central focuses of Alberta's Social Studies curriculum is developing responsible, engaged, and informed citizens. One of the ways to do this is by incorporating current events into the classroom. This app allows students to engage and reflect on global current events. Students can simply read the articles in their free time, or lessons could be planned around the articles to focus on teaching students how to be critical consumers of information and how to find out more information about the articles they read.

App #5 - myBlee Math

myBlee Math is an app that allows students to review and practice mathematics content.

Subjects covered include:

  • counting and place value
  • comparing numbers
  • fractions
  • decimal numbers
  • geometry
  • learning to count
  • logic
  • math word problems
  • mental math
  • measuring lengths, mass & volumes
  • number lines and graphs
  • operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

Teachers can see real-time progress reports on individual students as well as personalizing the learning activity.


Free for 10 minutes a week or additional time can be bought per user

How it can be used:

If incorporating centres into the learning environment, the teacher can ensure that each student is able to work on mathematics content at his or her own individualized pace. The teacher can set up a Math Centre, and students could take turns practicing the content that has been taught while the teacher focuses attention elsewhere. The real-time progress report can allow the teacher to monitor students at the Math centre while working with other students or look back at progress at a later date to inform future instruction.

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