Vietnam Assignment

Danny Guardado & Elber Haro

Summary for Ambush

Tim O'Brian's daughter asked him if he has ever killed anybody before because he served in a war and he writes a lot of war stories. he tells her that he didn't kill anybody even though he did, and he then hopes to tell her the truth soon and when the time is right. He then talks about a guy he killed during a war and how he feels guilty and sees him from time to time.

Summary for Facing it (Poem)

The author is trying to be strong and hold his emotions back. but no matter how hard he tries to be strong, he gets emotional and cant help it because the memories and the flashbacks to those war days come back.

Discussion Questions

The message that both authors are trying to convey to the readers about war is that the war scar's people not only physically but mentally and emotionally, It has a huge impact on the lives of the soldiers. The war changed their lives forever, Once they went to fight in the war, it was never the same. They have flash backs to all the violent things the have seen and they carry that with them where ever they go.
Big image
This picture can relate to Tim because I can picture this being him after he killed the soldier. I picture him being like this every time he remembers about the soldier he killed and how his daughter will feel when she finds out her dad killed someone.
Dark Sad Beat Instrumental-Beat Title: Until The End
This song can relate to Vietnam and Tim because the slow depressing beat of it makes me think of when the soldiers would get together and think about their families and all the things they have had to do. For Tim it was killing one soldier but for other soldiers it might be killing innocent children and women.