Hannah Goergen, Tyler Zimmer, Trisha Royal and Derek Sutter

Narrative Definition

Personal account of specific event/memory from eyes of the author.

Purpose of a Narrative

The Purpose of the Narrative/Memoir is a personal experience that gives you opportunity to learn more about someone through their personal experiences. It allows you to see the world in a different way.


  • Third person POV
  • The author is the main character
  • The writers thoughts and feelings are revealed
  • The author uses strong imagery
  • The author makes you feel the relationships between characters
  • The author puts you into the story by slowing things down
  • There isn't any unnecessary info.
  • The lead pulls you in but also invites you into the world of the story
  • The author expresses their opinions
  • The author doesn't act as a reporter (makes the memoir feel more like a piece of literature)
  • The reader is taught a life lesson by reading the story