A Radical Plan:

Building an awesome business

Unleashing the Power of Small with Paul Dunn and Russell & Russell

Clarity, Depth, Meaning

In three and a half truly insightful hours Paul Dunn takes you deeply into crucial areas of your business, areas where most people simply don't know how to go.

He takes you through simple (yet radical) business-building example after example, insight after insight. And even better, you'll discover precisely how to add the ideas into your business at zero-cost by magnifying what Paul calls 'the power of small'.

You'll learn how to leverage the new impact you’re creating in a truly fascinating way. You'll see how it makes a much bigger difference to your business than you most likely have ever imagined.

The Insights – just some of what you get from this event

You'll discover a host of ideas that build your business in unique ways. You'll learn:

  • How to present your products and services in a totally new light
  • Why the design of your smallest business processes are at the heart of designing your business for good
  • How to get REAL clarity about your business and then use that clarity to build more confidence, more certainty and more connection
  • How to design your business for good to give you a huge and powerful new sense of purpose in your business and the difference it makes
  • How simple changes in articulation dramatically change connection leading to lifting your revenue and profits
  • How to leverage what you’re doing to make an even more profound difference …… just by doing what you normally do.

Paul shares all of this with you and much, much more in the most exciting, fun and inspiring way — a way that stays with you.

Best of all – This REALLY works

It works big time. It makes a difference. It brings significant results — results even beyond the event itself. And you'll find out more about that aspect when you meet Paul.

This is a unique session with a Master, and absolutely perfectly timed too.

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A Radical Plan: Building an Awesome Business (unleashing the Power of Small).

Thursday, June 4th, 9:20am-1:10pm

14 St Enoch Square


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