What Cats Look Like

Cats weigh about 6 to 15 pounds. Cats have very sharp claws. Cats have lots of parts. These parts are four legs, a tail, a long whiskers, eyes, nose, mouth.

Cats Care and Heath

The vet gives shots to keep the cat from getting sick. Indoor cats live longer, safer lives. Cats can get hurt or sick. Cats that live indoors don't need walks. Cats should be fed twice a day. Cats need food that keep them healthy and strong.

What Cats Like to Do

Some cats like to be cuddled on peoples laps. Cats love to play by their self. Cats love to explore a lot because they are very curious about things. Cats like to purr when they're happy. Some cats do not purr when they're not happy.

Where Cats Live

Many people keep cats as pets. Some will live indoors while other farm cats might live outside. Some cats like to be cuddled. Cats love to play. Cats love to explore. Cats are very curious.


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