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New NFL Franchise


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Why L.A.?

The citizens of LA are really interested in sports, but they're missing an NFL team. Bringing a new team to the city will bring awareness to the ozone pollution of LA and people from all over the country could find out about the ozone. When the ozone pollution levels bring awareness, people from all over the country will be attracted to our team’s unique mission in saving the earth. Scientists and nature lovers will more than likely be attracted to our team also due to the efforts to bring pollution levels down.

Graphs of Crime Rate and Household Income

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Graph Analysis

Crime rate: As you can see, the crime rate in LA has been steadily declining. This is good for both the city and the franchise because the safer our city is, the more likely people will be willing to stay here. If we have more people renting places to stay for the games, that will mean more money for our franchise and city.

Avg household income: By looking at this graph, we can infer that there is a wide range in household incomes in the city of LA. If you look at the average income of the middle class, it’s higher than the national average of about $50,000. Because of this, we can make our merchandise cost a bit more than usual. If the consumers are willing to follow the team, they should be willing to pay a bit more for goods and services offered in the stadium because of the higher than average income.

Walt Disney Stadium

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  • 19,000 on-site parking spaces
  • Outdoor
  • Turf field
  • 80,000 seats
  • LED lights
  • Shuttle buses between parking areas and the stadium
  • Cabs available for customer convenience

Other uses of the stadium

  • The stadium will also be used for tours, flag football, local soccer games, concerts, high school playoff games, and other small events

Season Ticket Prices

Terrace Level: $300 - $700

Ring of Honor Level: $800 - $1000

Main Level: $750 - $1250

Club Level: $2000 - $3000

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The LA metropolitan area had a gross metropolitan product of $736 billion in 2010, making it the third largest economic metropolitan area in the world after Tokyo and New York. The economy is driven by international trade, entertainment, tourism, and several other industries. The unemployment rate for the metropolitan area as of April 2015 is 5.5%, which is the national average.

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How will we give back?

We will have charities of our own to give back to the community, but we will also partner with independent local non-profit organizations/charities. One organization is the Ronald McDonald House charity. This charity provides comfort, care, and support to families and children in Southern California. Another local charity we could partner with is Project Angel Food. With Project Angel Food, we will feed and nourish the sick as they battle critical illness. Some of our players could help prepare and deliver the food.

We will be partnering with a local school, Workman High School. They will sell tickets to our games and 5% of total ticket sales will go toward the franchise's charity fund.


Costs of Building the Stadium

Plot of land: ~$4,320,000

100,000 seats: $400,000,000

Construction cost: $290,000,000

Video boards: $20,000,000

Turf field: $380,000

Goal posts: $11,400

Team areas (locker rooms, hallways, etc.): $17,000,000


All of the taxes, including city sales, county sales, lodging, excise (alcohol, tobacco, gasoline), car rentals, food and beverages, property, income, utility, ticket/admission, and parking will help fund the stadium.

Other funding sources include land contributions, public parking revenue and other city/state/county contributions. These contributions include a grant, general contributions, sale of held property, sales tax rebate, income tax rebate, operating subsidy, interest-free loan, capital fund allocation, infrastructure improvements, and utility/transit allocation.