weddell seals

by thomas and james

General Information

scientific name: leptonychotes,weddelli.

Description:Weddell seals are large animals. Both adult males and females are about three metres long and weigh around 400-500 KG. The head is small relative to body size and the coulor is usually dappled grey and black on the back with a mostly white under belly.


Book:Creatures of the Antarctica.

Author:Sue Gough.

Illustrated by paul lennon.

First published 1992 by the Jacaranda Press.

Baker,Alan N.,Whales and Dolphins of New Zealand and Australia, Victoria University Press, Wellington, 1983.

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Weddell seals breed and live on the coast, staying around the fast ice and venturing only 15–20 km into the Southern Ocean to feed. Weddell seals haul-out onto the fast-ice to rest and moult, and for females to pup


Because Weddell seals breath air and live under the fast-ice they must breath through cracks and holes in the ice cover. There are many cracks in the ice during the warmer summer months.