is it worth your life

The Effects Of Alcohol

When some one drinks alcohol the effect that will happen first is fuzzy vision then your pupils may become small. Then your hearing will become hard to tell where sounds are coming from. For the last there skin will become flushed and warm.


People have to take a thick liquid called charcoal because when a person absorbs a large amount of alcohol the charcoal will absorb all the alcohol inside them.

Effecting Bones

From drinking it just doesn't effect the organs and skin. It can also effect bones which can make them weak and soft.


When a person drinks and then they throw up because of drinking it can cause the esophagus to tear.


When a person drinks a large amount they tend to have more lung infections. Also to suffer colapsed lungs and to get pneumonia.

The Killer

Out of all of the drugs in the world like cocaine, heroine and other illegal drugs combined alcohol kills five times as more.

Leading cause of Death Teens

The leading cause of death for teenagers is alcohol- related car crashes.