Coding 4-5

MP4: Week 9: Course Announcements

Final Project!

Still time to submit!

Paste the link to your completed Space Odyssey Program in the moodle submission box!


  • The banner instructions (10 points)
  • A variable to keep score (10 points)
  • Background and costume change at the end of the program to get Scratchy out of outer space and out of his space suit! (20 points)

*Elite Butterfly Scratchers please disregard!

This Week!

In Chat:
  • Sharing and reviewing! What is computer science after all?
  • No chats Tuesday 6/2 due to the PALCS end of the year picnic! Hope to see you there!
In moodle:
  • Nothing to submit (unless you have yet to send me your Space Odyssey Project).
  • I will be posting some videos early this week for you to enjoy!

See You In Cyberspace!