Descriptive Writing

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Abstract noun poem

Joy is light pink
It tastes like chocolate

It smells like flowers

and reminds me of colorful birds flying through a blue sky

It sounds like laughter

Joy makes me feel happy

Abstract Noun Poem #2

Happiness is light blue

It tastes like Ice Cream

It smells like chocolate

and reminds me of a happy ending

It sounds like upbeat music

Happiness makes me feel like singing.

Descriptive Paragraph

The sound effects from the Harry Potter movie on the small box TV rung through the room as girls yelled and screamed. Popcorn was flying through the air, Twizzlers were spilt on the floor and the pizza box had been crushed. Someone’s hitting someone and so-and-so is screaming.

The smell of pizza hangs in the air, mixing with the choking scent of BO and much, much worse.

It’s 3am and the first person has fallen asleep. Two bodies “silently” crept upstairs to stage their early morning reward.

Someone’s yelling as they text their BFF late night ramblings and someone’s yelling at them to be quiet.

The latest jams are blasting through someone’s headphones and the movie reaches the climax. The whole one person watching gasps.

Someone’s sneaked upstairs in the past two minutes, raided the fridge and cabinets, and returned with “their precious”

Clothes are hung from everything. A t-shirt on the TV, a dress on the lamp, and pair of short shorts on the wall.

“Okay, can we just head to bed now?” The host loudly suggests, regretting her decision to have a sleepover in the first place. Everyone scatters and returns with an array of coloured blankets and pillows all settling down to sleep, though it’s hard when the texting friend loudy laughs every two seconds.

Even though the host has regretted their decision, she will still invite everyone back next weekend.

Poem 4 2 voice