Is Bigfoot real or a myth?

History about Bigfoot

I am researching Bigfoot.Bigfoot tales have been told for over 150 years and the sightings prove to some people that Bigfoot is real. "There are over 3,000 sightings of Bigfoot around the world(Fallio,2016)"."Bigfoot sightings usally happen in North America(Fallio,2016)." In 1924 fred and beck were researching Bigfoot and they got attacked by Bigfoot they got hurt but they didnt die. The first sighting of Bigfoot was 840 AD.

Theories about Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a giant hairy creature(Fallio,2016)."

Some people have said that Bigfoot stands 5-10 feet tall(Fallio,2016)."

Bigfoot has gargantuan feet(Osborne,2016)."

Some people think that bears might have something to do with the legend of Bigfoot(Fallio,2016)."

There are many other people that think gorillas have something to do with the evidence of Bigfoot(Fallio,2016)."

some people claim that Bigfoot is 700 pounds.

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Evidence supporting Bigfoot

A lot of reasearschers have been finding giant foot prints over the years. People have found hairs of Bigfoot that are 400 years old.

Evidence that is against Bigfoot

There was a recent discovery of a Bigfoot body found but it turned out to be a costume.

A couple of people went out and used a giant rubber foot to make prints in the ground.

The people that did that said they actually saw Bigfoot.

My personal belifes

I believe Bigfoot isn't real because of all the hoaxes. Some people haven't even seen Bigfoot but claimed they did. Also, there is a TV show about finding Bigfoot but they never actully find him. One thing I think is believeable is the theory about gorillas being Bigfoot.

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