Being A Good Digital Citizen

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How To Be A Good Digital Citizen!!!!!!!!!

Being a good citizen means that when you are online and you sign up for something make sure you have a strong password.If you have a strong password no one will hack you unless you tell them your personal information. If you have Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, you might want to set your page to private. Also make sure that you don't post inappropriate stuff on your page. You should also make sure that you don't talk to strangers online if you don't know them. If you do know them than it is alright to talk to them. Let's say that you don't know the person that your talking to and they ask you a question about you private information don't answer them.

Why you should have a good secure password!!!!!!!!!!

You should have a good secure because if you don't want anybody to hack you and show everybody to see your profile. You should also have a secure password because so nobody can see where you live and stalk you. A good thing about having a secure password is that you can keep your secrets and chats to your friends.