The Tempest: The Betrayal

Lamanique, Destin , Datianna, Marzah


1) Why Is Claribel Next In Line To Inherit The Kingdom Of Nables ?

2) Why Was Sebastian & Antonio Trying Too Kill Gonalzo ?

3) Why Did Ariel Wake Up Gonalzo ?

Character Analysis

- Antonio: manipulative

"They'll take suggestion as a cat laps milk, they'll tell the clock to any business that we say befits the hour."

-Sebastian: A follower

"Draw together, and when I rear my hand, do you the like, to fall it on Gonzalo."

-Gonzalo: Lost

"What's the matter?"

-Alonso: Lost

"Why are you drawn? Wherefore this ghostly looking?"

-Ariel: Helpful

"And sends me forth- for else his project dies- to keep them living."

Theme Analysis

When great power is received it doesn't matter how it was obtained

"Yes. What guilty conscience? I don’t feel anything. If my feet were cold, I’d put my slippers on, but I don’t feel any pangs of guilt".

The most loyal companions can betray you

"You take out your sword too. When I raise my hand, you do the same, and bring it down on Gonzalo’s head".