Roger Williams

Bella Barnhart


Roger Williams was the founder of Rhode Island. Roger Williams did many great things in his early life. Roger Williams did many great things while making the colonies. Roger Williams was very important in the colonies times. All in all,Roger Williams did great things.

Early Life

Roger Williams did a lot of great things when he was older and the same when he was younger.Roger Williams was born in London. Next,Roger Williams became an English and judge. Roger Williams settled on New England in an area of English colonies. After that,Roger Williams married Mary Barnard and had six chidren. Roger Williams was an outspokon and stubbron man. All in All,Roger Williams did great things in how early life,but how did his early life help him in making the thirteen colonies.

Making Colonies

Click! Clack! that's the sound of Roger Williams helping make the thirteen colonies. Roger Williams welcomed everyone to Rhode Island. When Roger Williams was 28 when he arrived in America. The Narraganse sold land to Roger Williams.Roger moved to another Puritan Settle. Next, Roger was not alowed in the Massachusetts colony in fall of1635. Finally,how does making the thirteen colonies make Roger Williams so important.

Why He Is Important

There are a lot of important people in the world and Roger is one of them. Roger Williams is important because he is the founder of Rhode Island. Roger got kicked out of a lot of places, but he never gave up. Thanks to Roger Williams Rhode Island became the first permanent Jewish house of worship in America. Next,Roger didn't think that anyone should be compelled to follow a religion. Roger was in favor of a separation between church and state. Roger Williams did his best of protecting Rhode Island.


All in all Roger Williams did many great things. It's hard to be young. Miking colonies is hard work. Roger Williams is a unique man. At last,Roger is a great man.


*Founder=One that finds it.
*Permanent=Lasting forever.
*Separation=The act of separating people.


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