Maybe Sharks Do Need Your Love?

by Gloriann Lewis

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Sharks are very fascinating creatures. They swim wit a rubbery type skin over there muscles, but sharks are actually fish!. Some people question why sharks ''attack'' humans, but they actually don't! they mistake identity for a fish. Sharks are not mean, but they are actually quite harmless besides the fact of mistaking identity. Sharks also get scared to! because of all the pollution we put in the water if they were to swallow a piece of plastic it would most likely kill them. You would think sharks have no enemy's but they do! such as other types of sharks, large whales, octopuses, sea snakes, and well humans. Sharks have a weakness of eyes and nose, and some of the most common shark attacks happen in California because more people to mistake for fish a lot more pollution, but a very good way to get sharks to flee without harming them is to have utilizing permanent magnets. But maybe sharks are good to have around... maybe we need them but maybe they need out love?.