Pay it Forward!

Do an act of kindness!!

By Julia Parcher

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like with nice people and no bullies, well I have, like a lot. I think it would be a perfect world if we were all really kind and not jerks. That’s why our class is working with a belief called Pay it Forward. Pay it Forward is a belief that helps people be a kinder and help other people. If people do a good deed to someone that person will do something good for another person and before you know it the whole world is doing something good for someone and there’s no bullies.

Most of the time people do really bad things, so if you’re a nice person try to make that change if you do something good for somebody else like holding the door for them or giving back their wallet if they dropped it, maybe you can buy some food for a person who can’t afford it or doesn’t have a home.

Another thing is help somebody who has a broken arm or leg I remember I helped my grandma with the babies when she broke her arm trust me it was hard work but it was worth it I felt very proud of myself after I did that for her and you know what she did,she did something good for somebody else and I felt even better. Plus if you do something good for somebody else you’ll feel that same feeling I felt, and you’ll feel even better if they good for somebody else.

Last but not least, people who do good deeds get new friends, so if you want new friends you should be nice to other people. I remember when I was in first grade and there was a girl she had glasses, and she got made fun of. I went up to one day after recess and I helped her with math. She became my bff, but then she moved to California. So if you want friends you should be nice.

Well now you know what I think about good deeds and kindness you can go home and do something good for somebody else and they will do something good for somebody different. Just one more thing if you’re a bully I really hope you’re reading this because you need to stop what you’re doing and become a better person, so many people kill themselves because of you so you need to change your attitude if you do your truly a great person on the inside and outside.
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