Do Video Games cause Violence?

Tanner Jarrell

Why people think they do

People believe that violent video games teach children that violence is an acceptable way to resolve conflict. Violence in games has been to blame for school shootings, such as Columbine. People also believe that these violent video games cause children to associate pleasure and happiness to causing pain to others. Finally, a study preformed showed that at least 60% of middle schoolers that play violent video games have beaten someone up before.

Why People Think They Don't

People believe that there is no direct link between violence and video games due to the obscurity of the studies that are preformed on the topic. Video games allow people to relieve stress and resolve conflict in a non-physical way, which actually prevents violence. A study showed that 45% of boys play video games to "to get rid of anger" and 62% said that "it helps them relax". Players are also able to separate fantasy from real-life and this prevents them from believing that the actions they preform in-game are socially acceptable in real-life.

My Opinion

I believe that video games do not cause violence and that if parents do not want their children playing them, they should look at the rating of the game. The only reason why so many video games get in the hands of 5 and 6 year olds is because of the sole incompetence of the parent(s). My parents limited what I could and could not play based on my maturity and age. I could not play M-rated games until I was about 14, because they wanted me to be mature enough to handle the violence in them, but I snuck a few play-sessions in on my nintendo which had M-rated games that my parents didn't know about and I had no intention of repeating any of the actions preformed in-game in real-life.