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April 2016


Circle Time is an important part of the preschool day and an area where intentional planning and preparation are required. The following video and articles provide thought provoking information to help us all improve our practice.
Introduction to Large-Group Time
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Find activities that allow children to participate.

Children enjoy circle time more and behave much better if we give them ways to participate. For example, give children a role in the story being read, let them help tell the story, or sing songs and recite chants that have movements .

Make circle time short & extend the time over the course of the year.

You can start the year with a very short circle time. One active song can be a great circle time for the youngest of children or a very active group of older children. You can increase the length of time as the group shows that it is ready for more. Usually five to ten minutes is a good length for a circle time for young children. (The most productive instructional times happen during small group or during center time.)

Circle time can be a place to discuss problems.

Let your circle time become a morning meeting. Allow children to talk about a class problem by letting the children come up with class rules. The teacher can be a scribe and write down the rules down for the group.

Examples of Circle Time Activities

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Providing consistent routines, rituals, and structures during circle time gives children all important consistency.

Examples of Rituals and Procedures

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Transitions to and from circle time requires purposeful planning because these unstructured times of the day can be difficult for children. Songs, chants, finger plays, and poems are not only fun for children but should be used during transition times to ensure that these parts of the day are learning opportunities.

Examples of Transition Chants, Songs, and Fingerplays

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Please let me know if I can provide information about PK3, PK4, and/or kindergarten since many of your families may soon be enrolling in Austin ISD for the 2016-17 school year. I look forward to hearing from!
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