How The Brain Influences Learning

Grade 3

Your Brain

Your brain in constantly changing. Everyday is looses old connections it has made in order to make space for new ones. Something you learned as a baby may not matter as much now, while those fractions you are learning do matter. No matter your age you can always learn something new!

Take Care of Your Brain

Taking care of your brain will help you learn. A strong healthy brain will be able to make connections to what you are learning in school. Do you struggle in a certain topic? Try listening to calming music while studying, take a 15 minute nap, or eat some fruit or vegetables.

Ways To Help Your Brain


When you are craving those chocolates and greasy foods think again. Your brain is actually craving fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy meals allows the brain to grow and function. It takes in important proteins and vitamins it needs to grow strong. When the brain gets all the necessary items it needs it is able to work and learn. Without those important nutrients the brain is going to struggle to take care of itself and not have energy to make important connections needed for school.


Getting a good nights sleep is very important. Without sleep your brain is not able to fix the problems it is having. Sleeping allows the brain to restore itself and save up energy. That energy is then used the next day for learning. Without energy the brain is to tired to work which means it can't make connections. If all you want to do is sleep you will never be able to learn new exciting things.


When learning new things connecting them to a rhythm or pattern helps you make a connection and remember. Your brain decides what style of music it likes and then you can mix those sounds with things to you learn.

Your Brain: An Ever Changing Organ