Writers are Readers

We grow as writers and readers when we READ

Writer's Workshop

We have our writer's notebook filling with ideas. Our draft books are coming alive with our words. We can't wait to share all our published writing with you at the end of the year!

As we craft our narratives, we are planning to help guide our writing. We have built on the "seed story" and are now digging deeper. The focus for the next few weeks is crafting openings for our personal narratives that draw the reader into our writing. Exploding the big moment in our story to help the reader understand how we experienced the story. We are also working on closings that reflect on the lesson learned or important memory to enhance our writing. We will conclude with a time to share the personal narratives the students have been working on over the past few weeks!

We are taking a look at sensory details and figurative language. We are also working on our grammar with commas, punctuation, capitals, adjectives, and adverbs. Overall we are working on writing in complete sentences consistently.

Reading is Thinking

(Homeroom) We have been exploring text structures. We will begin digging deeper into main idea and applying what we learned about text structures to help us understand. We will be studying the elements of a story, including plot, theme, and character. We will discuss the setting, rising action, conflict, climax, falling action, and resolution in our stories.

We will study theme in the story and delve deeper into the message of the story. We we learn character traits and get to know our characters a little more too.