Mankato Renaissance Museum

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Have you ever wondered about the renaissance? Have you always wanted to know more? Well now you can! Come visit Mankato's renaissance museum! We have many different activities, such as watching knights sword fight, or you can ride a horse!

Galileo Galilei

Galileo lived 1564 through 1642, he was an Italian astronomer, physicist, mathematician and philosopher. Galileo made many advancements in science and played a major role in the scientific revolution. He is mostly known for being an astronomer though, he had made improvements on the telescope, thus making it easier to study and watch the stars.


Renaissance humanism is a collection of Roman and Greek teachings, undertaken by writers, scholars and civic leaders. It developed in the 14th and 15th centuries. Much of the humanist work was reading and trying to understand the bible, as most humanitarian were churchman. Some of the more notable humanitarians was Pope Pius II, Sixtus IV and Leo X.

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

Michelangelo was a famous artist from Caprese, Italy. One of his more famous paintings in the The Last Judgement on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel in Rome, plus he painted scenes from Genesis on the ceiling.

Below is a picture of Michelangelo.

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The Last Supper

The Last Supper is a painting by Leonardo Di Vinci, The Last supper is about Jesus and his last supper with his disciples and a few more. One of the women in th epicture are rumored to have had a love child with Jesus.