Identity Theft

By: Bryce and Emma

Identity theft Overview

Identity Theft Overview

  • Identity theft is described as being an acquisition and use of a person's private information, by another, usually for financial gain.
  • A form of fraud.
  • Banks usually alert customers when there is unusual activity, with the account, but it is beneficial to track your own activity because it is yours.
  • Low and High Tech identity thieves
  • Low - Tech Identity thefts usually steal mail, bank statements, look through garbage.
  • High - Tech identity thefts steal from email, posing as government business, making and invalid website.

Identity theft scene

How it can happen to you

Internet- They send you emails, pretending to be legitimate companies.

Records- They can hack your records or even pay off your bank for the records.

Mail- They can steal your mail including bank and credit card statements.

ATM- They can capture your ATM using a hacked called skimming.

Direct- Steal your wallet, purse, or financial information from your house.

Ways to avoid identity theft

1. You can freeze your credit card, if you think there is someone using your credit.

2, Choose good pins and passwords.

3. Do not make them passwords easy to guess, and do not use the same password for every account.

4. Protect your computer.

5. Make sure not to get scammed by emails pretending to be legit.

6. Wipe all your information before you get rid of a computer.

7. Be careful when buying things online

How you can fix it

5 steps you can take

1. Put a fraud alert so lenders and creditors see the red flag.

2.Tell the bank or credit card issuer. RIGHT AWAY

3. Contact the Federal Trade Admission or (FTC)

4. File a police report

5. Protect your social security number

Random facts about identity theft

Random facts about identity theft

  1. 16.6 million Americans suffered from identity theft in 2012
  2. Cost of the theft was roughly $24.7 billion
  3. In 2014, $16 billion was stolen from 12.7 million people in the U.S., which has decreased since both 2012 and 2013.
  4. There is a new identity fraud victim every 2 sec.
  5. In 2014, there were 2.5 million filed complaints, and 13% were from identity theft...60% from fraud.