Principal's Newsletter

From the Desk of Ms. Clark

February 11, 2021

Dear Parents,

Today our children are experiencing a world full of new possibilities, endless options, and an amazing amount of resources through advances in technology. Though technology has proven to do great things, it can also be harmful by making it more difficult for families to spend genuine time together without interruption of TV, cell phones, and other devices.

Here are a few tips on how to help establish a healthy balance of technology and family time.

  • Make a point to have family dinner every weeknight. Having dinner as a family is one of those traditions that can get lost in the hustle and bustle of modern-day life. Try to have dinner as a family every weeknight during which your family prays together, shares the same meal, shares their stories from their day, and everyone puts away their cell phones.
  • Establish a family game night. Having a regularly scheduled family game night is a great way to have genuine, fun, and tech-free interaction as a family. Keep your game nights fresh by letting a different family member pick the game each time. The games can be as formal as monopoly, or as improvised and creative as 20 questions or make-your-own Pictionary.
  • Have a “tech-free” room in your house. Designate an area in your home to be “tech-free,” meaning that there is no TV or computer in the room. This could be in the basement, living room, or even the backyard, depending on your preference and space. Have this room be a place in which you don’t use cell phones or other devices- a place for face-to-face conversation, reading, or board game.

-Today’s Catholic Teacher

We know that technology is a real part of our lives in this day and age, and can be a valuable source of information, entertainment, and communication. However, it is so important that we do not let it replace genuine conversation and family time. “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing!”

God's blessings,

Ms. Clark

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Grandparents and Special Persons Virtual Gathering

Our Virtual gathering for our grandparents and special persons will be held on Wednesday, 3/3 at 10am. Please mark your calendar!

Terra Nova Testing

Terra Nova testing is scheduled in the month of March. More details will be shared with you soon.



Grant & Aid Application Fee: $35.00 Your 2019 or 2020 tax return is required to complete your application. If you applied last year, your application will autofill. You will be notified by FACTS if any additional documentation needs to be submitted. The link is on our website, on the Archdiocesan BLOCS website and here:

Award decisions will be made based on the FACTS Grant & Aid estimated need.

REVISED Symptom Screening Tool

All parents are primarily responsible for monitoring the health of their children. While it is our intention to remain open for the entire school year, parents are expected to do their part and keep their children home when they are sick.

Please see below for the “Revised” Symptom Monitor Checklist which is to be completed each day. By sending your child to school, you are confirming that you have completed this health screening.

Health and Safety Reminders

As cases are increasing each day within our county, I urge you to continue to take necessary precautions to limit coronavirus spread in our community.

  1. Continue with your attentiveness to washing our hands

  2. Properly wear face masks indoors and outdoors when away from home

  3. Maintain appropriate physical distance


  5. No small or large social gatherings

  6. Monitor your health on a daily basis.

SKD Spirit Shop is NOW OPEN!

We have opened our store with NEW items featuring our school mascot, Drexel the Dragon. The link is below. You can also find direct access on our school website under parent resources; tab says SKD Spirit Wear Shop!

Parent Association Stewardship 2020

Free Money for Our School

Please be sure to participate in the following to help raise "free" money for our school:

  • Box Tops for Education
  • Giant Rewards
  • Smile Amazon
  • Shoparoo

Important Dates to Remember

Friday, 2/12: NO SCHOOL

Monday, 2/15: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, 2/17: Ash Wednesday

Friday, 2/19: Service Dress Down Day

Tuesday, 2/23: Saint Bede's First Penance

Wednesday, 2/24: Saint Bede's First Penance

Thursday, 2/25: Good Time Ticket Dress Down Day

Friday, 2/28: SKD Spirit Day

Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Katharine Drexel Catholic School is to form Catholic leaders through academic excellence, personal discipline, and Christian service.