The American Revolution

By: Charles Green

What the American Revolution was

The American Revolution was a war between the americans and the british overmany things, but the main problems where that the king of britain did not want the americans to keep moving west and upset the native americans and taxes. The taxas where high at the time in america because of the resent French and Indian war.


The Battles that took place are called:

Capture of Fort Ticonderoga.

Battle of Bunker Hill

Olive Branch Petition.

British Evacuation of Boston.

Invasion of Quebec, Canada.

Battle of Long Island.

Battle of White Plains.

Although the Battle of Bunker hill is called Bunker hill, most of the battle was fought on Breed hill which was nearby.

Patriots, Loyalist, and British

Patriots: Patriots are the people who fought against the British and there taxes.

Loyalists: Loyalists are the people in america that fight for Britain or believe in Britain's ways.

British: The people from Britain as solders.

The Boston Tea Party (Patriots and Loyalists)

The Boston tea party was on December 16, 1773. Patriots dressed as native american boarded three ships at night Dartmouth, Eleanor and Beaver and dumped 340 crates of tea into the Boston harbor.

A Patriots view: Where gonna show those nasty Brits not to tax our things so hi, I heard that three ships loaded with tea are coming on the 16th you now what let raid those ships and dump all there precious tea in the harbor, that 'll teach'em.

A loyalists view (after): Those outlaws will pay for that, they should appreciate all the help Britain has done for us we should have to pay the tax, those rebels are just greedy.

For the Boston tea party the king of Britain shut down the harbor.

Conclusion of the war

The war ended in September 3, 1783. The Americans won the war and there country was declared independent From Britain by the declaration of independence. The war ended in September 3, 1783. With the British defeated, America thrived and flourished.