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Welcome to April!

I'm super excited to share that April is my FAVORITE month of the school year...aside from December for obvious reasons! There're three simple reasons why:

  1. National Library Week, April 10-16,2016
  2. National Poetry Month
  3. Texas Library Annual Conference, April 19-22, 2016

Please join me as I celebrate these fantastic events! Without these occasions your library just wouldn't be the same! Happy Spring and hang-on...we've two months left of the school year!

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Flocabulary's Take on Point of View

Flocabulary Point of View

Poetry Bingo: An Interactive Way to Get Poems Read

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I Love My Library

Texas Library Association Conference April 19th-22nd!

I will be away presenting and attending the state-wide librarian's conference. The library will have a substitute, but students will not check out books. Yet, don't fret! The week immediately prior, all students will have books checked out...provided they've returned the "literary shelf members" from their last visit! Please check out this poster I will be presenting for #FBISD...
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