Time to get to work!

Quickstart to STAR Program - Week Two

Thank You!

We really appreciate you giving up a chunk of your Sunday night to move the needle on your business forward! We are so excited to get this show on the road!

If you weren't able to listen in live, here are the playback details of the first two calls. Please listen in before you connect with your pacing group!

Week One: http://fccdl.in/pryeMUtLw

Week Two: http://fccdl.in/VwfDTs2Ca

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Pacing Groups

We are SO EXCITED to announce your pacing trios! These will be your power partners to building your business strong. Please connect with your group this week to plot out your plan for success - friend them on Facebook and get the ball rolling!

Group One

Cortney Weigle <cweigle@trayinc.com>

Megan McComas <meganbmccomas@gmail.com>

Linda Lyons <Lindadlyons@Gmail.Com>

Group Two

Jennifer Floyd < Jenfloyd@charter.net>

Kelley McVicker <kelmcvicker@icloud.com>

Tracy Wilson <tracybass_22@yahoo.com>

Group Three

Alisha Buckmaster <alisha.c.buckmaster@gmail.com>

Miki Farnese <farneseml@gmail.com>

Amy Springs <amfsprings@gmail.com>

Group Four

Diana Healy <dmhealy@loyola.edu>

Amy Pasqua <amyleighpasqua@yahoo.com>

Karen Penley <khpenley@yahoo.com>

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Week One Challenge

Set your working hours for the week! These should be 8-10 hours of HVAC (high value activity) - FB browsing, Instagram posting, etc are not included! :) Take a picture of your time blocks on your calendar and send it to your upline Director.

Week Two Challenge

Divide your Who Do You Know list into three categories: Hot, Warm & Cold. Make investments in two people on your cold list with the goal to move them to warm, and two people on your warm list to move them to hot. (Listen to call recording for more info on this!)

Talk to you next Sunday, March 16th at 8:30PM EST as we deep dive into SPONSORING!

Krista, Missy & Sallie