Treasure Hunters

By: James Patterson

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Summary Paragraph

In the book “Treasure Hunters by: James Patterson,” the conflict is that four kids kids are stranded at the sea with their dad no where to see and he was there just a few minutes ago. The main characters are the four siblings, Storm, Tommy, Beck, and Bick. Bick is the main character and he is the the one who the story is told by. Beck and Bick are twins and both smart. Beck is very thoughtful and is the one who is always thinking. Also, he always wears a orange vest with a ball cap and shorts. In the rising action, their dad goes missing and they don't know what to do. They end up finding a place to travel on their ship. In the climax, they go diving and they are trying to find their parents treasure they have always wanted to find. The setting is mostly on their ship and at the Cayman Islands. They use their ship to continue their parents treasure hunting business and travel to find their parents. At the end the kids find a huge treasure chest full of valuables in a sunken shipwreck. Their dad sends them a letter letting them know he is okay and he had to leave to go do a job and he wont be back for a while.


I think the theme of this book is to never give up. When Beck, Bick, Tommy, and Storm's parents were nowhere to be seen, they didn't panic and they kept looking for them and kept treasure hunting.


Bick, who is the main character, has many thoughts and actions. His main action is when he is on the ship and his mom and dad are gone. He stays calm and he makes suggestions on what to do. He pretty much takes control and becomes the leader of the group. His twin sister Beck, is very panicky. She is the smartest one of all of them but she gets scared really easily. Bick and Beck are constantly arguing with each other and yelling at him. Even though they are twins, they dress nothing alike. Bick dresses in shorts with a baseball cap and a orange vest. Beck dresses in a more fancy style. However, they are both tall and super skinny.

Point of View

This whole story is told in the first person by Bick. Some of the reasons I know this is because it says "I", "me", and "my". One example from the story is "I dashed down the four steep steps into the hull quarters as quickly as I could."


The conflict is that the parents of four children go missing. The conflict is internal and external. It is internal because they have to decide weather or not to keep moving forward and not quit even though their parents are not there. It can also be external because the waves and the weather on the ship is very rough so it will be hard to drive or sail.


"Now get below, boys. Batten down the hatches. Help you sisters man the pump." This is significant to the story because it tells that something is happening or is about to happen the them and the ship.

"We should be at the dive sight by noon tomorrow," said Tommy. This is significant to the story because it tel us or gives us a hint at when they will be there and when it will happen in the book.

Figurative Language

Simile: "You are a sloppy as a squid.'' It is important because they live in the sea and ocean so they compare things to their surroundings.

Metaphor: "Your a pig." Bick and Beck are always teasing on each other and Beck called Bick a pig. It also is important because it gives an idea on what they tease each other about.

Personification: "The wind whistled in the storm." It is significant because it tells us how bad the storm was.

Imagery: "Storm was biting back her tears." You can see her like sniffling and blinking a lot to do everything she can to not shed a tear.

Sensory Language: ''Beck and I were searching in the room for about twenty minutes for the map." They were using their eyes to look for the map.

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