What's Up With Blogging?

Here are some blogging tips to get you started blogging

PLN - Professional Learning Network

Educators love to blog and you can too! Teachers can blog about classroom lessons, iPad apps, Web 2.0 tools, books you've read professionally or as a class read aloud.

Educators love to read other education blogs. There are so many that soon become your favorites and you can bookmark or subscribe to them so you get their latest post.

Edublog is a great place to start.

You can set up a professional blog and begin your blogging journey.

Professional Bloggers - what's out there for educators

CoolCatTeacher - Vicki Davis

Teach Like a Pirate - Dave Burgess

Book Whisperer - Donalyn Miller

ClassTechTips - Monica Burns

Cool Tools 21st Century Learners -

Student Blogging in the Classroom

What Web Tools are Available???

There are several blogging tools you can use in the classroom:

KidBlog - You will need a subscription -- $40 / year

The fastest and easiest to use for teachers and students.

Weebly - Free with limited items. You can create your PLN / Class / Student accounts

Requires some set up and

Google Sites - already using google for student Leadership Binders - just add a Blog Page

What to Blog About - Topics

Where to start - students love to blog. Just give them an idea to start with and they will go from there.

Topic Ideas:

* A class project or class event

* Class read aloud or their favorite book/author

* Student hobbies

* A prompt - something to think about

Student Blogging Expectations

Scholastic Books - Blog Expectations & Rules

Blogging Expectations

October 2016 - Student Blogging Challenge

How to Comment - Video

Mrs. Stoll Class Blog - Using KidBlog

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