Weekend Update

2/13 - 2/14

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Valentine's Day in Japan

Valentines Day IS celebrated in Japan, but not to the same extent it is celebrated in the US.

In Japan, traditionally women give gifts to their sweethearts on Valentine's Day. Men do not typically give gifts on Valentine's Day, but rather on White Day which is held in March.

Red roses are a common gift in the US, but in Japan, the more common gift is chocolate. The chocolates are often very elaborate and on the higher end/gourmet.

Women looking to purchase elaborate chocolates to give as gifts for Valentine's Day head to gourmet chocolate shops and stores to purchase them. Homemade chocolates are another popular option too!

Women can give gifts of chocolate to anyone - a gift of chocolate on Valentine's Day is not necessarily considered a romantic gesture. It is common for women to gift their male co-workers with chocolate as a way to show their appreciation.




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Early Birds

Sending kudos and congrats to my early birds who submitted their Linguafolio assignments early:

Savannah D., Russell B., Blake D., Tiffany N., James Y.

Well done! よくできました。 ^_^ Be sure yours in turned in by the end of the day on Monday.

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