The Metaphor of the Mirror

The Real Victor

"Tonight the mirror will forgive my face."

The mirror is symbolic of the change in Victor. His life, up to this point, has been full of disappointment and disappointing behaviors. Now, having saved young James, he has the chance to raise him as his own. Victor has stepped up and is trying to do something positive with his life--the mirror reflects the new Victor.

You Can Do It!

Change is possible. Although Victor has been used to a life without much success, he sees that he can change. Alexei's message to the reader is that the person you see in the mirror today might not be the one you see tomorrow. You don't have to accept your bad habits or the expectations that others impose on you--your image is just that...yours! You are how you see yourself.

But...Sometime There Are Two Sides To Every Mirror

SMILE! You never know who's looking!