MTS Staff Weekly Watch

Week of February 1, 2016


What would you do if you were stuck in one place and everyday was exactly the same and nothing that you did mattered?

-From the movie Groundhog Day

Important Dates

February 5 - Report Cards Distributed

February 5 - TEAM student achievement recognition

February 8 - MTS Blood Drive

February 8 - Jr. Academic League Match 9:30 in the library

February 11 - 100th day - Wear your Jeans in celebration of this accomplishment!

February 11 - 8th grade trip to SHS

February 11 - Miss Jenny and Mr. Dan (HC) Grade 2 @ 9am

February 12 - No School

February 15 - No School

Febraury 18 - Staff Meeting - Data Table Talk


Thank you grades 2, 3, 4 & 5 for the kind and encouraging hearts that are all around the school.

Please remind the students that breakfast is available in the cafeteria each morning. Students who eat breakfast have higher test scores than students who skip the morning meal.

Please remember to submit Student of the Month nominations.

Student of the Month Winners for February

  1. Keenan Houtz - kindergarten
  2. Raegan Wilson - fourth grade
  3. James Emel - sixth grade

TEAM is looking for volunteers to serve food at the Beef n Boogie. If you are willing to help please sign up in the office on the bulletin board. The list will be passed on to TEAM. TEAM is encourage all of us to come out and enjoy the food, band and dancing.

PARCC Update

School and district PARCC results will be released publicly in New Jersey this week.

The department will continue to provide useful information to ensure alignment between the standards to district curriculums, and to illustrate the relationship between the PARCC assessment and improving classroom instruction. The information now available to educators includes over 850 released test items from the 2015 PARCC assessments, as well as curriculum frameworks, evidence tables, and practice items that help students become acquainted with questions on the PARCC platform. Many of these resources are available on the department’s assessments web page.

In the next few weeks, new analytical tools to help interpret the PARCC results will be available to educators. As we move into the second year of PARCC administration, I hope you will share the available information with your community to ensure that educators and parents understand how the PARCC assessments can help improve instruction and, ultimately, student performance.