6-12 World Languages Newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of our World Languages Newsletter!

Below find the world languages Mid-Year Curriculum, Canvas and Professional Development Survey.

Please, take a few minutes to complete the survey. In order to make the necessary adjustments to our curriculum, Canvas page, and to know what to offer as far as professional development, it is imperative for you to provide feedback. Your feedback will guide our next steps regarding the topics mentioned above. PLEASE CLICK BELOW TO START THE SURVEY.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Wednesday, April 10th, 8:30am-3:30pm

7227 Land O' Lakes Boulevard, Land O Lakes, FL, USA


Topics to be covered will be shared at a later time

Suggested Articles

These articles discuss research that supports that staying in the target language 90% of the time or more and using comprehensible input practices have shown to be effective in student second language acquisition and comprehension.

The articles also provide many strategies and activities that can be used to successfully stay in the target language 90% of the time to keep students motivated and engaged.

Share your Knowledge!

Are you doing amazing things in your classroom that are making a positive impact in your planning, instructional practices, and your student level of motivation, learning, and achievement?

Are you willing to share those amazing strategies or resources with your peers?

I am looking for teachers interested in sharing their knowledge and ideas with other teachers during the next world languages training day.

Examples of topics to cover are: Nearpod, how to create your courses in Canvas to maximize student participation, sway, or anything you believe other teachers can benefit from learning about.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Alicia Montijo at amontijo@pasco.k12.fl.us.

or 813-794-2319 for more information.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

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Alicia Montijo, Sr. Instructional Specialist for World Languages and Foreign Exchange