Chips Ahoy Taste Test

By: Maddy C, Stephanie F, Kyra V, and Emily W


Have you ever wonderd which Chocolate Chip Cookie is Chips Ahoy's best? We have, so we decided to create a preference test to find out.


This website helped us LOTS!

We learned the history, the health facts, and the prices!


If we let forty six students eat one fourth of each Chips Ahoy type (Chewy, Chunky, and Gooey) the Chewy will be most popular.


We collected all the data by alowing the person taking the taste test pick his/her gender, his/her name, and which they liked best. We did this by lending them a Ipad with a form on it. After they chose, it automaticly went and stored it on the Ipad. We gatherd this information, and created tables and charts. In the end, our data prooved that Chunky was the most popular.


In our Experiment, we needed these items:
2 bags of each type of cookie

6 plates

10 plastic knives

4 pairs of gloves

3 pieces of paper with, A, B, and C listed

Two tables

We also had a few steps to follow if we wanted the experiment to go correctly.

Step 1: Place three plates in a horizontal line on the table. Make sure it's facing the crowd and that they are 1-2 inches away from the front end table's edge.

Step 2: Pour the Chewy cookies on the plate labeled 1.

Step 3: Pour the Chunky cookies on the plate labeled 2.

Step 4: Pour the Gooey cookies on the plate labeled 3.

Step 5: Cut all cookies in fourths.

Step 6: According to the randomizer chart, put 1 cookie of each type and set them on the plates labled A, B, and C. (Make sure not to get them mixed up)

Step 7: Allow the person taking the taste test to eat all three types of cookie without knowing which is which.

Step 8: Record your information.

After this, we made charts to show our info. We also took pictures along the way.


Over all, everything in our experiment went very well. Our results showed that all three types of cookie were very good!


Chunky: 17

Chewy: 16

Gooey: 13

If we did it again, we would use less cookies because we had a LOT extra.

If we got to talk to kids doing this in the future, we'd tell them to pick something they want to learn from. Also to not buy any extra, because if anything, you'll have WAY too much.