Boston Tea Party

by Kaela Taylor

Drunken Men

About 30 men, better known as the Son Of Liberty, went to the Boston Harbor on Dec. 16, 1773 and dumped British Tea overboard British ships. The night of December the 16th, The Sons Of Liberty had gotten tired off all the British rules and Taxes. In Result, The Sons Of Liberty got drunk, while some of them dressing as Native Americans/ Indian Americans. Dressing themselves like native Americans did not help because the Sons Of Liberty were well known leaders of America.
Boston Tea Party Video

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How Much Tea?


The Sons Of Liberty dumped approximately 342 chest of British tea into the Boston Harbor. Talk about polluting water!


In reaction to this disobedience, The Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts. The Intolerable Act placed taxes on paint glass and much, much more.

French And Indian War

After the french and Indian War the colonies, well actually Britain, gained land west of the Appalachian mountains. The colonies, excited to venture farther west, were starting to move west. Britain saw this and decided against it because they did not want any trouble with the Native Tribes. The British, who were in great debt, started to tax the colonies to repay the debt.
Crash Course

The French and Indian War. He says Seven Years War but it is the exact same thing.

Interesting Facts

  • It has been 242 years since the Boston tea Party. The year is 2015.
  • Samuel Adams was the leader of the Sons Of Liberty, and to this day people still drink Sam Adams Beer
  • The company that owned the tea, that was dumped, was The East India Company.

Bad Ending, Or Good Beginning?

After the Intolerable Acts were passed, the Colonies finally got fed up and wrote the greatest break up letter known to man. The Deceleration Of Independence. Which sent us into The American Revolution, which also led to The Articles of the Confederation. The Articles of Confederation lead to the Constitution which is still in use to this day.
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