Saturday 18th July - Royal Albert Hall

Would you like to join us for a fab time in London?

Grasshoppers have been listening to and really enjoying the 'BBC's 10 pieces' for the last term. They have amazed me with the knowledge they now have of the music and the composers and when I heard that there was going to be a Prom based around these 10 pieces I knew straight away that it was a trip that I had to try to plan!


At the moment all I can do is register our interest but we have to be ready to ring them on the day the Prom tickets are released and be able to pay immediately for them! Adult tickets are £13.74 and children's tickets £7.62. The prom starts at 6.30pm and will finish by 8.30pm. Our plan is to book a coach and all travel together, leaving school during the afternoon. But I need you to commit now and pay now so that I can be ready on the 16th May to ring and book our tickets. I do not have a cost for the coach, but if enough of us are going then this should not be a big cost.


Dick and Dom (from CBBC) are hosting this prom and they will be joined on stage by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. What is really exciting is that this orchestra is the one that we have watched each week for our lessons and to be able to hear the music at the Royal Albert Hall will be such an amazing experience for us all! So please consider joining us -particularly if your child is in Grasshoppers - believe me - they really do know all the music and who it is written by and the correct name for each piece!
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If you would like tickets,then please can you bring ticket money (just for the Prom not coach) in an envelope clearly labelled 'BBC PROM' with your ticket order on the front. If you would prefer to transfer money directly then please email Jo to let her know you have done this. Please be assured that we if do not manage to secure the tickets then the money will be returned to you. I just need to have it ready for when I ring to book and I know that the tickets will go fast so I need to be ready at 9am on that day!
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