Of Mice and Men

Who he is

George is a strong willed, caring person. He demonstrates both of those actions when he was trying to defend Lennie.

How he acts around people

George was passively hostile towards the other farmhands in the beginning, you could see it in the way in talked to the people. However, he begins to warm up to them eventually and become friends with most of them, you could see this when he went out to the pub with them.

His relationships

The Farm

In order to satisfy Lennie, George told him all about how they were going to raise enough money to buy a farm, raise some bunnies, and to all kinds of wonderful things. George did not believe in that in till Candy offers to help pay for the farm. The Farm becomes a beacon to George and gives him hope.

my chemical romance

How to save a life - the Fray + lyrics by my chemical romance
I think George would listen to this song because though out the story he tries to save Lennie and get the farm, but in the end he can't save him or make the farm a reality.