Alysa Marker

English 3

Hobbies & activities

My hobbies are babysitting, helping animals, and managing sports like basketball, baseball, and football. I am especially excited for football when ever it comes around my family, friends and I always go all out for football.

School & College

Gradeschool Union Valley and Prosperity Prosperity Middle school Prairie Hills and High school Buhler High School. My favorite teacher that i have had so far is my 6 grade teacher Mr. Harris. For college I want to go to K-State because I want to be a vet and a manger for sports or be a coach when I am older. I here that K-Sate is a good college to go to if you want to work with animals and I can also mange to it is also closer to my family.


I have one brother his name is Austin and he is in 7th grade me and my brother are really close to each other we always tell each other stuffs we do everything together. My parents are DeeDee & Brian. I have cousin who I hang out with almost everyday their names are Carson 7th grader, Aaron freshmen, Addison kindergarten, and Taylor who is 21 and her husband Armando. They just got married this year.
My moms phone number (620)-664-3508