Preventative care for Reprotuction


X-rays of the breasts used to check for Breast cancer. Used to check for breast cancer if their are no other signs of breast cancer. Mainly for women but rarely used for men. Starting at 50 is when women should start regularly checking for this. 1-2 years

Pap Smears

A Test for Cervical cancer. Cells from the cervical are examined to tell if you have cervical cancer. Only women should have this test. At 21 is when you need to be tested for this. Every 3 years

Testicular exams

Self examination to test for lumps or abnormalities. Men are the only ones who can have this test. Test should start in your teenage years. Have this checked on a regular basis

Prostate exams

Exam to find rectal tumors, Prostatic disorder, etc. Men should be getting and only men. Should get this test once you reach 40. Yearly exams