The Muscular System

What Is Your Muscular System?

Muscles create your muscle system, obviously. They allow you to move, have decent posture, and do everyday life activities. Muscles have a certain organization which gives them their ability to make force.

Muscular Diseases

  1. Myasthenia gravis, also known as MG is an example of one muscle disease. During MG, your immune system attacks the body. This disease may be genetic, however, it is an autoimmune disorder.
  2. Muscle Dystrophy is another muscle disease. Your muscles become degraded and you get weak among other similar problems. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease.

How to Keep Your Muscular System Healthy

To keep your system healthy, muscles need to maintain strength by doing things and exercising. Cardio and strength training as well as massages and stretching can help maintain muscle stability. It's also important to eat correctly and have a well balanced diet.