The theme, we must have courage no matter what the obstacle is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. Many times during the play the Frank family had to have courage. When the family was staying in the annex they had courage that they would continue to stay hidden and wouldn't get caught, every one was scared and Anne said, "Its the silence in the nights that frighten me the most. Every time I hear a creek in the house or a step on the street outside, I'm sure they're coming for us"(381). Even though the family is feeling scared, they still have the courage to stay in the annex. Another example of courage shown in the play is by putting herself at risk of danger, Meip sneaks around for the family to help them stay in hiding and make it as far in life as possible. "Margot, Mrs. Frank, Meip, and Mr. Kraler all carry in bags, packages and so forth"(373). Even though they could be caught they still take the risk. The last example of courage is when Mr. Frank burns all his notes and letters that could have meant something to him. Mr. Frank shows courage when he said," Burn them. All of them."(372). So Meip burns all the letters and notes besides Anne's diary.


The theme, we must keep our friends and family close through the hardest times is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. Many times during the play the families had to stay close with each other. While the families were staying in the annex they all celebrated Hanukkah even though they could get caught. Mr. Frank thinks they should not sing when he said, " I'm afraid, Anne, we shouldn't sing that song tonight. It's a song of jubilation, of rejoicing. One is apt to become too enthusiastic"(405). But Anne sings anyways making sure not to get too loud. Another example of friendship and family is when Mr. Frank allowed Mr. Dussel to stay in the the annex with them even though there wasn't enough food. Mr. Frank proves its okay for Dussel to stay when he says, " We can stretch the food a little. It's only for a few days"(390). So hey let him stay even though there isn't much room or food in the annex. The last example of friendship and family is when Meip buys the family drugs, soup, linen, and anything to help the family. This happens when Mr. Kraler says, " Meip or I, or both of us, will be up each day to bring you food and news and find out what your needs are"(375). So Meip continues to visit the family every day.

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Pen on a notepad. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 8 Dec 2015.


In The of Anne Frank, a pen and notebook represents Anne because she is an avid writer, her diary is why we know her story, and she mentions multiple times that she wants to be a writer when she gets older. One example is when she tells Mrs. Vandann that she wants to be a writer when she grows up