Guide to the regions and zombies

By Adam Davis

Regions and Zombies!!!

Welcome to my survival guide! Below you will find my tips and suggestions for surviving a Zombie Apocalypse. I have also included funny comics on the side for your enjoyment!

Coastal Range!

This region is a beautiful area because it is good for farming, fertile lands, and a nice place for fishing. I give this a rating of 7 because it is a nice source for food, farms for shelter, boats for fishing and trees. it's perfect! There are mountains that I could stay on and live. I could also build a treehouse and hide from the zombies.
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Basin and Range!

This is the basin range with isolated Mountain ranges of different heights . Also contains the Death Valley the lowest point in North America. I give this a rating of 3 because there is a good chance the word DEATH VALLEY does not want me to visit. It's the desert and I might die of dehydration before the zombies find me. So that is why I give it a rating of 3. I could not build a shelter because there are no trees. The only water I would have is in the cactus. The desert does not sound like a good place go.
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Coastal plains

This region stretches along the Atlantic ocean. It borders the Gulf of Mexico and it has wide lowlands and excellent harbors. Also long sandy beaches to relax. I give this a rating of 8 because I can build a boat and survive on the water which is nice. I also have a fresh water source and fish as food so this is good. I can also find that city in the picture and live there. I also think i could go on the beach and make spikes around me and I can relax.

Hiding Places

These are places to hide!

Costco has supplies such as treehouses, food, and fun gadgets and gizmos which would help you survive. There are no windows so it would be easy to protect. The downside to Costco is that there are not many exits and the infection could spread quickly because there could be a large population living inside.

Our school has many rooms to make shelters for many families and food in the cafeteria. The down side to the school is the lack of exits.

Hospital would have supplies and survivors would go here first. Those who are injured would be able to care for themselves. Zombies could break in through the windows causing this to be chaos.


You will need to find items to increase your ability to survive. Such as clothes, food, water, first aid kit, scissors, backpack, goggles, gloves, ropes, flashlight, maps, compass, weapons and other items shown below.

The biggest tip would be to make sure you only take what you can carry.

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Tips to Survive [stuff not to do]

Don't just stand there and get eaten!

Don't attack a huge horde of zombies by yourself.

Running in random directions is not suggested.

How to Build Shelter

1. You need to gather supplies such as wood, sticks, mud, rope, ect.

2. Pick from the three pictures below

3. use the pictures for reference to build your base

4. When you are finished you need to build a fire inside or close by to keep warm.

5. Enjoy your cozy home.

Finding Help!

Try calling for help but this might not work. Search police stations, shelters, and other local areas for survivors. Beware that Zombies may also be looking in these areas. So use caution when searching for help.

Thank you for Reading

Thank you so much for reading this. I hope you are able to survive the apocalypse.
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Adam davis