by Owen and Cameron

Where Did The Vikings Come From?

All Vikings came from Scandinavian countries. These countries are Sweden, Norway and

Denmark. These countries are in Northern Europe .

Why Did The Vikings Come To America?

They wanted gold,sheep, wool, and furs to trade for jewelry, wine, silk and spices. The Vikings did not have enough land to conquer in Europe.They needed land for farming.

Why Did The Viking Age End?

People no longer worshiped many Gods. Instead, Christianity took over.They also had no land to conquer because people built castles to protect themselves.

Viking Gods

The Vikings believed in many gods. Most ancient gods were twins. To get to heaven a warrior had to die in battle.


Eric the Red brought settlers to Greenland 1,000 years ago.They did not have compasses or maps on their journey. Lief Ericsson and his crew discovered Newfoundland 10 years after Eric the Red discovered Greenland.