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Test News Letter

Good Morning! So this is a test news letter that I am thinking about using for school communications. I'm thinking that it has a lot of potential. You're receiving this sample news letter because you are members of either the parent engagement committee or the PTO.

I was thinking we could use this format and web-based service to increase our parent involvement and engagement in our school community, This service has the ability to not only create new letters but to create invitations for events and a wide variety of other platforms for communicating with a selected audience. The news letters can be sent to Peggy (the current PTO president) and she could post it on the PTO Facebook page. The school could also send information directly to parents once we can establish a "parent and families email list".

Aside from communicating with parents, all school community members could receive the information. That includes teachers, faculty, staff, district administrators, city officials and community partners.

I am looking for your feedback. Tell me if you think that this format of communicating, along with the phone blasts and the take home newsletters is a good idea.

Thanks! Chris

What Else Could We Do?

We would be able to include documents like permission slips, photos and videos of student presentations and projects, school events, guest speakers and visitors. Classes could submit what's going on in their classrooms. We could have sections by grade level so parents could scroll down and read whats happening in their child's class or grade. We could have a monthly showcase where different groups/ services within our school community could be highlighted... like the school nurse, the safety patrol, the custodians, the kitchen and lunch staff, SMILE club, Theatre....

Of course we would have to make sure we are following proper protocol, procedure and policy when it comes to privacy.

So, Let me know what you think.

Its all about Value and Engagement.

SIT MEETING (Sample to Show this Feature)

Tuesday, Sep. 16th, 7:45am

250 Winthrop St

Woonsocket, RI

Reminder- We will be reviewing our current SIT plan. (This is a sample to show this feature)