Tragic Hero

The Doctor(#10)(David Tennant)

Qualities of a Tragic Hero

  • shows greatness and embodies nobility and virtue
  • may be great, but not perfect
  • downfall is partially their fault
  • the misfortune is not wholly deserved
  • the hero's fall is not pure loss
  • it is sad, but the tragedy does not leave the audience in a state of depression

Displayed Tragic Hero Qualities


The Doctor is the an alien and does not have to interfere with the humans. It is his choice to protect and serve them.

Tragic Flaw:

He gets too emotionally attached with his companions. No matter how many times he has gone through loss and great suffering, he cannot help but to do it again.


Having this great power of being a Time Lord, he knows that he can save many races. He gets too caught up in trying to save everyone else that he ends up hurting himself in the long run.

Not Pure Loss:

As The Doctor get hurt because of his desire to help others, we understand that it if for a greater purpose.

Does Not Leave Audience In A State of Depression:

Through all of his journeys and adventures, you will start to feel like you really know him. This makes it sad when he dies and has to regenerate but excited to see his new face.

The Doctor (10)

The Doctor is a Time Lord from the planet of Gallifrey. He is the last of his race and is over 900 years old. He stole a T.A.R.D.I.S. (time machine) after the government had decommissioned it. He was witness to the most devastating event in history. He saw his planet burn. Every last Time Lord with the exception of himself and The Master all died. He was partly responsible for this tragic end to his people. He tries to make amends for what was genocide to other races. He travel with a human know as The Doctor's Companion. He seems to favor the human race and does everything he can to protect them from aliens that want to take over earth. He has lost everyone he has ever traveled with. He lost Rose, Mickey, Clara, River/Melody, Amy, Rory, Donna, Martha, Jack, Sarah, and many others. He said the curse of the Time Lord is that when he travels with people, he becomes attached. They will get old and die but he lives on.
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Tragic Hero

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