Caiden Ecker

By;Eden Kelly

If you know Caiden Ecker ? Then you know the most intelligent 10 year old boy their ever is. Caiden Ecker is smart , funny and incretible.

Caiden Ecker has 2 little brothers named Jackson and Warren. Jackson is 7 and Warren is 3. His parents names are Dane and Ashley. Dane is 29 and Ashley is 28. When Caiden was 3 he hid the car keys from his parents and they kept on asking him were he put them but he just wouldn't buge to tell them. So they literly had to turn the house up side down and in and out just trying to find them but they never did. I think Caiden hid them in Never Land with Captin Hook and Peter Pan!

People know Caiden as a funny, kind, shy, and awesome minecraft player and lover. Caidens favorite part of playing minecraft is building and destroing things. A lot of fun facts about Caiden are that his best friends name is Theo Coyle. Also, Caiden is shy but once you get to know him he is wonderful. And that was a bibliography about my dearst friend Caiden Ecker!

The End

by Eden