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1-8-16 PM

Voyager Voice New Look

Happy new year and welcome to our brand new Newsletter format! I would love feedback on how you like it compared to Smile Box. :) You can now click and save images on your phone as well. Touch the image you want once. Then, click and hold and choose save image. It will save the image right to your pictures on your phone.

Snap Shot Of Our Week:

This week we shifted gears from Picasso and learned about Claude Monet. The students learned that he is a famous artist and his art style is called Impressionism. Monet uses long painting strokes in his artwork to make the painting look like it is in motion. He also uses a lot of bright colors. We compared his artwork to Picasso's artwork and learned that Picasso's artwork is abstract and Monet's artwork is realistic. During our opening meetings the children observed several pieces of artwork from Monet on the smart board. We talked about the similarities and differences. We also learned that Monet loves to paint lily pads. We filled our Sensory table with water, foam lily pads, and toy frogs for the students to explore. In art, the children painted like Monet. They used small sponges on a stick and practiced making long paint strokes just like Monet. We also created the famous bridge from Monet's paintings in art. We put masking tape down on paper in the shape of a bridge. Then the students painted with the sponges all over the paper. When they finished they pulled the tape off the paper and their bridge appeared like magic!

Important Dates:

January 18th: NO SCHOOL

January 29th: Scholastic Book Order Due (order online with the code: NDK6Q)

Mystery Explorer: Every Friday @ 2:30 SHHHH.......

This week our mystery explorer was Levi's mom!


1/15: Brooks

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Snack Schedule:

We completed our snack sign up from the beginning of the school year. I will start the schedule over again going down our class list.

1/11: Talia

1/19: Sammi

1/25: Blaire

Friendship and Feelings

In Feelings & Friendship, we learned about caring and helping others by saying something kind or doing something helpful. This is an important topic since it promotes empathy and positive relationships in our young learners. Notice when your child shows kindness towards others, and reinforce his/her behavior. For example, you could say, “I see that you are helping your little sister with her puzzle. I can tell by the smile on her face that she is really happy!” Take a look at the Home Link (attached to the e-mail) for more on caring and helping. -Mrs. Scheele
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Cooking and Conversation:

Dear Parents,

The Young Explorers continued with their exploration of art and artists this week with the introduction of Claude Monet and Impressionism. Teachers introduced the key features of impression by displaying some of Monet's famous water lily paintings. In Cooking & Conversation we extended the water lily theme into our recipe by creating fruit and vegetable lily flowers, and decorating plates to represent lili pads.

Before beginning our snack preparation we studied some of the lili pad artwork by comparing and contrasting them with actual photographs of lili pads. The Young Explorers examined both art forms for colors, shadows, and texture and shared their observations.

After studying the paintings more closely, each child was able to decorate their lili pad plate and arrange it on our blue butcher paper tablecloth to recreate one of Monet’s masterpieces with our own twist.

Finally, everyone was able to use an array of fruits and vegetables to create edible flowers in baking cups that they placed on their lili pad plates. Everyone enjoyed a very colorful, healthy snack and the opportunity to contribute to a whole-class art project.

What can you do at home?

Continue pointing out the outwork around your home and surroundings. Ask your children to comment on the art form or take note of different styles of art. Is it realistic or more abstract? What does it remind you of? You will be so pleasantly surprised with just how much our Young Explorers have learned so far!


Katie Gerber, m.s., CCC-SLP

Movin' and Groovin'

The children danced with Ms. Rachel to three different winter songs. They sang the "Snowkey Pokey"," I'm a Little Snowman", and "Five Little Snowmen". They had a blast learning the motions and singing the words.
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In Music class the children sang several songs with Mrs. Blaire including their favorite, "The Weather Song." They also read a story about crocodiles.
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Upcoming Themes/What Can You Do At Home?

Upcoming Theme: Next week we will continue our artist study and learn about Seurat. We will compare Picasso, Monet, and Seurat at the end of the week.

At Home:

  • You can check out books at your local library about the three artists
  • If you are feeling adventurous you can take your family to the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Continue practicing independent dressing for outside