Wednesday Update

October 14, 2020

Dear Families,

This week, we welcomed back our first set of hybrid learners. I saw so many smiles - even behind the masks. Children followed directions, parents snapped photos next to our school marquee, and teachers did everything they could to teach to this new normal. It is an amazing feeling to have children on our campus once again- our campus feels like it has new life.

Tomorrow, we welcome our second cohort of first graders. If you're a parent of one of them reading this at home, please let your child know we're excited to meet them.

Our work in welcoming students is far from over. On October 26th, we will open our doors to two second grade hybrid classes and two third grade hybrid classes. Shortly after that, principals will convene one last time to finish the sorting for 4th and 5th grade students (a survey to 4/5 families will be sent soon).

If you are the parent of a 2nd or 3rd grade child, my staff and I are in the process of building classes and cohorts. Your child's assignment will be share on Monday, October 17th, no later than 5pm. To give you an idea of how families responded:

  • 2nd Grade: 28 selected full distance, 31 selected hybrid
  • 3rd Grade: 25 selected full distance, 35 selected hybrid

I am fully aware how attached many of you have grown to your child's teacher. We are making every effort to keep our students together, and where possible, their teacher. Unfortunately, the complicated nature of this process will not make that possible for all.

This morning at our schoolwide assembly, I told our students that no matter the program, we are Palo Verde Strong and we will always be here for our children. This goes for you, too. We fully support any decision you make for your family.

Finally, thank you to the many families who have written such beautiful words of support to us. It means so much to us. We love our students and parent community, and no virus will ever change that.



PS: The slides from this morning's Schoolwide Assembly are on Schoology

Welcome, Maria Aguirre!

Our secretary Jenny will be out for a few weeks. In the meantime, we were lucky to secure Ms. Maria Aguirre to act in as her substitute.

Ms. Maria is a teacher by training and graciously accepted this temporary position. She has substituted throughout the district, oftentimes for the Spanish Immersion program at Escondido. She is the parent of a lively, adorable first grader named Sacha. And, in between all that, she is also a certified yoga instructor!

So happy to have you, Maria!

Walk, Bike, or Ride?

We encourage all families to walk or roll to and from school beginning next week. Having less cars to negotiate during arrival and pick-up supports a safer environment for students and you can't beat the natural opportunity for exercise and kid connection!

Now that campuses are opening up to classes, the district and Safe Routes to School would like some critical information from you. Please fill out this short survey. Information collected here will help our district and the city plan on how to keep our routes to school as safe as possible.

Wash Your Hands

Counselor's Corner- Just for Parents

Recommended by our school psychologist, Laura Clark.

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