2nd Grade Incredibles

Room 1 Weekly Newsletter

Classroom News

Important Dates:

EOY Reading testing starts on May 2nd

2nd Grade Field Day May 4th

Penny Wars Starts May 31st - June 3rd

Last Day of School June 8th (early release)

Students will begin learning how to solve word problems involving money this week. A good way to support this skill at home is to have students help you count out money to pay for something, budget for a trip to the grocery store, figure out what money they need to pay for gas, etc.

Weekly Skills

Literacy Words

Spelling Words

1. aim 2. ray 3. chain 4. tray 5. snail 6. always 7. shy 8. try 9. bay 10. gain 11. bright 12. contain 13. braid 14. sly 15. fright 16. thigh

Vocabulary Words:

1. search - to look for something

2. contained - to hold or contain something

3. startled - to suddenly surprise someone

4. odd - strange or unusual

5. leaned - move your body in a particular direction

6. tossed - to have thrown or flung something

7. grateful - showing thankfulness

8. village - a very small town in the country

Homework for the Week

Monday - review weekly words/Math Skill Sheet/read 20 minutes

Tuesday - review weekly words/Math Skill Sheet/read 20 minutes

Wednesday - Math Skill Sheet/Read 20 minutes

Thursday - Math Skill Sheet/Review for tests tomorrow/Read

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